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Anti-Money Laundering Suite (AMLS) 

An end-to-end platform makes detection, investigation, and reporting of financial crime easy.

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Transaction Monitoring

Leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate high-quality alerts 

Scalable community-driven typology library driven by the “Hub and Spoke” model for powerful transaction monitoring

Intelligent Alert Detection

Detect suspicious cases from the smallest detail and avoid any false negatives

Clearer Picture of Alerts

Categorise alerts into 3 risk levels with our machine learning models for easier investigation

Increased Efficiency

Streamline workloads and cut costs with efficient, flexible, and reliable compliance programmes

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Smart Screening

Encompasses both name screening and real-time transaction screening capabilities to accurately identify positive hits and reduce false positives

Name Matching Redefined

Screen and prioritise all name search hits, ensuring efficiency in the investigation process

Real-time Transactions Screening

Reduce held transactions and improve straight-through processing with more accurate matching

Better Operational Efficiency

Reduce noise and work more efficiently with powerful machine learning models

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Customer Risk Scoring

Holistic risk coverage for each customer ingesting data from multiple internal and external sources

A Comprehensive Risk View

Create a dynamic, 360-degree risk profile of your customers informed by their profile information, transactional activity and alert history

Year-round Rescoring

Ensure highly accurate customer risk scores at all times with a well-timed re-scoring of existing customers

Self-learning Algorithms

Utilise historical data to augment the risk score and improve accuracy over time with limited human interaction

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Case Management

Speedy alert disposition and easy regulatory report filing with an end-to-end workflow solution that manages alerts from all solutions and consolidates in an interactive, modern-age case manager

Increased Productivity

Centralise alert investigation across all AML processes–transaction monitoring, customer due diligence and screening

Uncover the Hidden Risk

Enable deeper investigations into suspicious activities with our strong network detection engine, visualising transaction round-tripping, flow-through of funds, and more

Faster SAR & STR filing

Save time spent on creating reports and ensure a smooth filing process with readily available case information

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