Reduce Non-compliance With

Continuous Monitoring

Improve the effectiveness of your CDD programme with an accurate 360-degree customer risk profile based on multiple dimensions using advanced machine learning models.

Customer Risk is Always Changing 



Need to monitor multiple customer data such as identity, fund source and transaction data to accurately capture risk.



Changing KYC data, transaction patterns, customer network and associated risk results in highly incorrect risk categorisation.


Due Diligence

Periodic refreshes and customer profile changes are not automatically updated causing huge backlogs.

De-risk Business with Dynamic Risk Scoring

360-degree Risk View

Get a holistic customer risk profile based on multiple dimensions such as demographics, geography, screening and transactional patterns.

Accurate Risk Score

Get a more accurate risk score through our pre-configured rule engine with 160+ rules and unsupervised and supervised machine learning models.

Continuous Monitoring

Streamline due diligence with an automated event-driven risk profiling which triggers based on customer behaviour.

What Makes Customer Risk Scoring Unique?

Customer Risk scoring - Risk Profile

Real-time Risk Scoring

Real-time APIs to accurately risk score prospects using pre-configured rules for safer onboarding.

Pre-configured Rule Engine

Extensive profile-based risk scoring with 160+ pre-configured rules and the option to configure new rules to align with business-specific risk.

Customer Risk Scoring - Rules
Customer Risk scoring

Dynamic Risk Engine

Get accurate risk scores through our dynamic risk engine using unsupervised models to compare customer behaviour with that of their peers and supervised learning to compare the customers' behaviour with their historical behaviour.

Network Visualization

Identify complex relationships and visualize hidden risks among different customers and Interested Parties.

Network Visulisation

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