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Revolutionize Customer Risk Assessment in Banking 

Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your Bank's Customer Due Diligence (CDD) program with Tookitaki's innovative CRS Smart Alert Management (SAM) solution.

Reduce Cost of Compliance and Reputational Risk

Enhance your risk management approach and lower your cost of compliance while minimizing reputational risks. Our solution is intelligently designed to provide an accurate risk rating that can adapt to your changing business needs.

Dynamic Risk Scoring

Enhance your risk rating with our dynamic scoring system that takes into consideration multiple factors including customer, transaction and historical alert data. Utilize the power of machine learning to improve accuracy over time.

Alert Generation

Set up alert generation triggers based on your requirements. Stay ahead of compliance with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) alerts powered by continuous and on-demand risk scoring.

Alert Prioritisation

Prioritize alerts and reduce false positives by more than 40%, leading to a more efficient investigation process. Improve the accuracy of alerts with our champion-challenger framework.

Conduct Enhanced Due Diligence with Auditable Results 

Transparency guaranteed with CRS solution. Showcase the accuracy of your results with our explainable model, designed for regulator and auditor approval.

Eliminate the guesswork in risk assessment with Tookitaki's explainable and interpretable "Glass Box" solution
Eliminate audit surprises with multi-level transparency in customer risk scoring


Automated Risk Scoring and Alert Generation for Fintechs

Streamline the creation of innovative financial products through automated consumer risk assessment and evolution of consumer risk profile with Tookitaki CRS. 

Enhance decision making with a 360-degree view of customer risk
Maximize efficiency with a comprehensive set of 90+ pre-configured risk assessment rules
Enable holistic risk analysis that integrates customer profile, transaction history, and past alert data


Stay Ahead of Emerging Risks Through Ongoing Monitoring 

  • Dynamic customer risk assessment for up-to-date risk insights
  • Efficient CDD process with risk-based alerts and prioritization
  • Accurate risk ratings through self-improving machine learning technology


Effortless Regulatory Audit Readiness

  • Stay ahead of regulatory audits with "Glass-Box" explainability
  • Enjoy transparent and interpretable results for quick due diligence and investigations
  • Validated by regulators and independent auditors

Adopt the latest in Customer Risk Scoring for a competitive advantage

Start your customer risk management transformation with a product demo.

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