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Make payments seamless by minimizing compliance friction with our real-time AML and transaction fraud risk solution.

All Your Compliance Needs Under One Roof

Real-time protection from Fraud and AML Risk

Tookitaki’s FinCense offers real-time sanctions and customer screening, transaction monitoring and fraud prevention solutions to de-risk transactions on your platform.

Scale without Sacrificing Performance

Tookitaki's FinCense is powered by a state-of-the-art modern data engineering stack that allows you to support rapidly growing transaction volumes without compromising on performance.

Go Global with Ease

Access the latest typologies and extensive screening coverage across 22 languages and 10 scripts to expand your cross-border payments worldwide.

Get the Power of Tookitaki’s FinCense



  • Protect against fraud and AML (FRAML)  risk in real-time
  • Identify suspicious transaction patterns (typologies) relevant to your business with ease.
  • Fully automated simulation mode for threshold tuning and changing of typologies.

Smart Screening

  • Real-time screening of domestic and cross-border transactions with 90% accuracy
  • Screen against sanctions and watchlist across 22 languages and 10 scripts
  • Reduce held payments by accurately matching 7 customer attributes across 12 name-matching techniques.
Smart Screening-1
Onboarding Suite-1

Onboarding Suite

  • Safely onboard merchants with real-time engine
  • Powerful AI-based screening engine with fuzzy matching capabilities
  • Accurate risk profile based on 160+ pre-configured rules.

Customer Risk Scoring

  • 360-degree merchant risk profile based on demographic and behavioural data.
  • Event-driven triggers for most current risk scores in sync with merchant activity.
  • Accurate risk score through 160+ pre-configured rules and unsupervised & supervised machine learning models.
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Case Manager Icon-1

Case Manager

  • Centralise all transaction monitoring, screening and CDD alerts as a customer-level case for effective investigation.
  • Automated STR and CTR report generation as per local regulations
  • Built-in workflow and task management automation to reduce manual effort by 30%

The Preferred Solution for Payment Services

to stay ahead in the fight against financial crime

Client Testimonial

FinCense's ability to detect AML and fraud risk accurately in real time allows us to maintain the performance of the system at scale. It has been a game-changer for us.

Payment Services Client

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