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Intelligent Alert Detection (IAD)

Superior accuracy, faster implementation and easier maintenance across transaction monitoring, customer screening and transaction screening. 

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Transaction Monitoring

Our cutting-edge solution offers superior accuracy, faster implementation, and easier maintenance for transaction monitoring, customer screening, and transaction screening. 

Our unique knowledge-base of typologies allows you to stay ahead of the latest risk scenarios, regardless of the country. 

The simulation mode allows for fully automated scenario testing and threshold tuning, with the ability to manually override. You can validate and deploy new rules in just days, instead of weeks

Our system automatically generates rules and thresholds, saving you time and resources. 

The smart assessment feature allows you to easily validate thresholds and alert output for different typologies, and deploy them to production through a user-friendly interface. 

Upgrade your financial crime detection system today with our cutting-edge technology.

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Smart Screening

Expand your customer base quickly and confidently with our advanced customer screening solution. 

Our system screens customers and counterparties across 22+ languages and 10 scripts, ensuring that you can safely do business with them. Leave behind the worry of them being on sanctions lists or watchlists. 

With 60% extra precision, 90% recall levels, and a 45% reduction in false positives, our solution provides the most accurate and reliable screening available.

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Customer Risk Scoring

Prepare for the future of banking with our holistic risk-based Customer Due Diligence (CDD) program. 

Intelligently designed to adapt to changing business needs, our program helps reduce the cost of compliance and reputational risk. 

With dynamic risk scoring, alert generation, and alert prioritization, our system provides accurate risk rating and helps you make better-informed decisions, all while keeping costs low.

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Case Management

Stay ahead of suspicious activities with our interactive and modern-age solution for alert disposition and regulatory report filing. 

Our system allows you to investigate, track, and report suspicious activities/transactions with flexible workflow and built-in controls for multi-level review and effective AML governance. 

Features such as centralized alert investigation, single-window investigation, and configurable user administration streamline investigations and make decision making faster. 

Our system also intelligently allocates tasks to investigators based on individual workload and aggregates all case-relevant information at a customer level for even more efficiency.

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