Holistic risk coverage, sharper detection, and significant effort reduction in managing false alerts

Over two billion transactions monitored
Over two billion

transactions monitored

Over 100 million accounts monitored
Over 100 million

accounts monitored

Over 500 thousand alerts processed
Over 500 thousand

alerts processed

Not a one-size fits all approach 

Protect your customers throughout the entire onboarding and  offboarding journey through two modules, customised to suit your needs.

Intelligent Alert Detection (IAD) for detection and  prevention and Smart Alert Management (SAM) for management.

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Stay empowered with increased risk coverage and mitigate risks seamlessly in the ever-evolving world of regulatory compliance. 

Designed on three C-principles – comprehensive, convenient and compliant, the Anti-Money Laundering Suite (AMLS) uses transaction monitoring, smart screening and customer risk scoring solutions. The alerts from all solutions are unified in an interactive, modern-age Case Manager that offers speedy alert disposition and easy regulatory report filing. 

Smarter Alert Management for Better ROI for Banks

Complement existing systems by cutting through the noise and clutter generated by large volumes of alerts in legacy transaction monitoring processes.

Operational Efficiency

SAM across transaction monitoring and screening helps in automated triaging and helps categorize all alerts into three risk levels: 

AML Suite 1

L1 - Low Risk


L2 - Moderate Risk


L3 - High Risk

Faster Time-to-Market 
  • Machine Learning (ML) model trains on client data aligning with client risk policy instead of a generic industry machine learning solution. 
  • An in-built intelligent risk indicator framework automatically generates thousands of risk indicators from input data.



Results from a Global Bank (50,000 alerts per month)

Over 50% reduction in false positives
Over 53% reduction in man hours
600% improvement in operational efficiency
Large reduction in overall compliance cost

IAD for Faster Detection for Fast-Scaling Fintechs

Ensure compliance at each step of the onboarding process powered by a library of typologies that allows you to stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements.


Leverage an industry-first knowledge-base of typologies that provides the latest risk scenarios regardless of the country


Expedite onboarding in new territories through profiling across 22  languages with an additional layer of secondary information


Manage consumer risks through a self-evolving, dynamic risk assessment



Proven  Benefits for Digital Banks, E-wallets, Payments and Crypto Services

Stay compliant with minimal resources and an ever-growing library of the latest risk scenarios
Expand in new regions without the worry of them being on sanctions lists
Ensure a 60% decrease in false-positives through a secondary layer of information
Stay focused on innovation and curate new products via automated consumer risk-profile assessment

Time to reform your compliances

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