Onboard Customers Safely

Build safe and frictionless customer onboarding with accurate screening and risk scoring of your customers in real time

Compliance Impacts Onboarding



KYC/CDD checks require extensive customer data and have become longer and more complex.



Poor screening or risk rating capabilities result in high false positives and delayed onboarding.



Digital onboarding of customers has been growing by ~10% YoY, requiring realtime processing. 

Improve Customer Experience with Onboarding Suite

Holistic Risk Rating

Evaluate prospects with complete identity matching and 160+ preconfigured rules with the option to configure your own rules for a comprehensive risk review during onboarding.

Accurate Detection in Real Time

Get 90% accuracy of detection against sanctions, PEP, Negative News and other watchlists with the most advanced Al matching engine in real-time.

Frictionless Onboarding

Real-time APIs for assessing the screening and KYC risk of millions of customers and delivering a smooth onboarding experience.

What Does This Mean For You?


Risk Coverage

(Industry average: 50-60%)


Detection Accuracy

(Industry average: 50%)

What Makes Onboarding Suite Unique?


Accurate and Effective Screening

Use advanced algorithms to screen 7 customer attributes (name, address, gender, DOB etc.) in real time. Accurately match with 12 naming variations to reduce false positives by 90%.

Accurate Risk Profile in Real Time

Get accurate risk profiles using KYC data with pre-configured rules. Additionally, configure new rules to align with your specific business needs.

Onboarding - Risk Profile
Onboarding - Configurabe Design

Configurable Design

Built-in sandbox to test and deploy new risk-scoring and screening configurations on an ongoing basis with just a few clicks, reducing effort by 70%.

Seamless Integration

Standardized real-time APIs for seamless integration with onboarding systems. Leverage Tookitaki’s pre-packaged watchlist data or integrate your existing watchlist or internal list data to expand coverage.

seamless integration
Real time architecture

Real-time Architecture

Assess the risk of millions of customers with high throughput using real-time APIs.

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