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Upgrade your Transaction Monitoring, Screening and Customer Risk Assessment solutions to get more comprehensive risk coverage in real-time with more accurate alerts.

Transform Legacy Setup with State-of-the-Art Solution

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Get Rid of Manual Rules

With fully automated typologies, let the system do the hard work of optimizing the detection of AML and transaction fraud risk. So you don't have to work out the rules to monitor and the thresholds to use.

Onboard New Scenarios in 24 Hours
With a built-in simulation environment, you can fine-tune the system-recommended thresholds using production data. Download, test and deploy new AML and fraud scenarios with an intuitive UI without relying on IT.
Reduce Compliance Operations Costs by 50%

Use the machine-learning capabilities of FinCense to reduce false alerts and enable your compliance team to focus on material risk. Drastically improving SLAs for compliance reporting (STRs).

Get the Power of Tookitaki’s FinCense



  • Protect against fraud and AML (FRAML)  risk in real-time
  • Multi-fold risk coverage with the latest typologies aligned to your business needs.
  • Built-in simulation mode for rapid fine-tuning of thresholds without relying on IT.

Onboarding Suite

  • Safely onboard customers with real-time screening and risk scoring
  • Powerful AI-based screening engine with fuzzy matching capabilities
  • Accurate risk profile based on 160+ pre-configured rules.
Onboarding Suite-1
Customer Risk Scoring-1

Customer Risk Scoring

  • 360-degree customer risk profile based on demographic and behavioural data.
  • Event-driven triggers for most current risk score in sync with customer activity.
  • Predictable CDD/ODD program cost with lower misclassification of customer risk.


Smart Screening

  • Zero-touch real-time, on-demand, and continuous screening of customers and payments.
  • Highly accurate hits using fuzzy logic combined with 12+ advanced algorithms.
Smart Screening-1

Smart Alert Management

  • Reduce false positives by 50% with powerful machine learning models across fraud, money laundering, screening and CDD.
  • Built-in self-learning mechanism that learns from investigator feedback and changing customer behaviour.
  • Seamless integration with existing legacy systems.

Case Manager

  • Centralise all transaction monitoring, screening and CDD alerts as a customer level case for effective investigation.
  • Seamless reporting with automated STR and CTR reports as per local or goAML standards.
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to stay ahead in the fight against financial crime

Client Testimonial

The area of AML requires constant vigilance and continual enhancement. The use of RegTech such as Tookitaki’s FinCense enables us to augment our ability to identify actionable alerts and minimise false positives. These sharpen the accuracy and effectiveness of our AML risk management.

Compliance Office of a Singapore Bank​


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