AML Solutions for Neo Banks


Tookitaki is empowering digital banks with FinCense, a cutting-edge platform that ensures compliance is a competitive advantage rather than a bottleneck. Our agile and scalable solutions are designed for the digital-first banking landscape, providing real-time risk scoring, transaction screening, and FRAML prevention. Partner with us to accelerate customer onboarding, simplify cross-border compliance, and secure your expansion with comprehensive AML and risk management.

Tookitaki’s FinCense for Neo Banks

Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring for Fraud and AML

Our transaction monitoring solution for neo-banks offers real-time protection against fraud and AML (FRAML) risks, providing expansive risk coverage tailored to your business needs. With the latest typologies and a built-in simulation mode, fine-tune thresholds rapidly without IT dependence.

Customer Onboarding

Tookitaki's Onboarding Suite for digital banks ensures safe and efficient customer onboarding through real-time screening and risk scoring. Leveraging a powerful AI-based engine with fuzzy matching capabilities, it delivers precise risk profiles using over 160 pre-configured rules, streamlining the onboarding process while maintaining high accuracy and compliance.
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Smart Screening

AML Screening

Tookitaki's Smart Screening Solution for digital banks ensures a 90% accuracy rate in screening new applicants, customers, and transactions against watchlists. It accurately screens 7 customer attributes using 12 name-matching techniques and covers sanctions and watchlists across 22+ languages and 12+ scripts.

Customer Risk Scoring

Tookitaki's Customer Risk Scoring Solution offers a comprehensive 360-degree risk profile by analyzing both demographic and behavioural data, ensuring up-to-date risk scores with event-driven triggers. This approach streamlines CDD/ODD programs, reduces costs, and minimizes the misclassification of customer risk, enhancing overall risk management efficiency.
Dynamic Risk Scoring
Case Manager

Case Manager

Tookitaki's AML Case Management Solution for digital banks offers a simple, user-friendly, and flexible approach, designed specifically for lean compliance teams. It streamlines reporting with automated STR and CTR reports in accordance with local regulations and incorporates workflow and task management automation, reducing manual efforts by 30%.

Why Choose Tookitaki's AML Solutions Suite?


All-in-One AML Compliance Software: Streamlined and Comprehensive Solution

Set up a future-ready AML and transaction fraud compliance program. Exceed regulatory expectations with FinCense’s end-to-end coverage, which is used by some of the largest banks globally.


Built to Scale: Your Solution for Seamless Growth

Leverage the modular design of Tookitaki's FinCense to scale with growing business needs. Add new fraud and money laundering typologies or deploy new solutions to cover incremental risks from new markets or products.


Empower Small Compliance Teams

Tookitaki’s FinCense enables your operations with an easy-to-use, scalable investigation workflow tool. It is flexible enough to meet your continuously evolving operational needs. 

The Preferred Solution for Digital Banks

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For a new business like ours, Tookitaki's FinCense has been a perfect partner to help us effectively manage our compliance needs.

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