Smart Screening Smart Alert Management (SAM) for Banks

Profile your customers and their counterparties accurately while ensuring a 60% decrease in false positives through a secondary layer of information. 

Faster  onboarding  without the worry of customers being on sanctions lists or watchlists

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Prepackaged risk indicators to interpret complex screening ‘out of the box’.

Name Matching Indicators

Generated through various core name-matching algorithms to reduce delays

Transactional Indicators

Generated by transactional attributes 

Intelligent Risk Indicator Engine 

  • A base set of indicators are created through the engine and then a subset is selected automatically to optimize results
  • Improved due diligence effectiveness through highly accurate matches

Explainable and Intuitive User Interface

  • Explainable AI (XAI) framework provides a ‘glass box’ model transparency at both global and local level while providing contextual relevance and facilitating model audit
  • Ensure faster decision-making and reduced alerts backlogs

Inference Indicators

Generated through natural language processing (NLP) of text content available as part of external data sets for faster time to value

Customer Profile Matching Indicators

Generated through identification of attributes, which are related to customer profiles for faster and accurate matching


Smart Screening Intelligent Alert Detection (IAD) for Fintech Companies

Quickly grow consumer-base in new territories without the worry of them being on sanctions lists or watchlists. 

Screen your customers and counterparties across 22+ languages and 10 scripts

Extra Precision
Recall Levels
Reduction in False Positives

Highly accurate screening results

Eliminate delay in legitimate payments with effective identity matching on multiple customer attributes such as name, address, gender, date of birth, incorporation and more

Simulation mode 

Ensure faster time to value with accelerated tuning with threshold recommendations, aligned to your risk appetite

Real time screening architecture 

Reduce held payments and improve straight-through-processing (STP)

Flexible matching configuration with transparent controls

Create and save multiple configurations for enhanced decision making and reduced alerts

Time to reform your compliances

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