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Empowering Banks with Efficient Screening Alert Management

Enhance customer/counterparty profiling with Smart Alert Management (SAM) for Banks.

Ensure an accurate assessment with a 60 percent reduction in false positives. With our cutting-edge solution, you can easily profile your customers and their counterparties with our technology.

Our advanced screening capabilities guarantee a 60% decrease in false positives and a secondary layer of information to eliminate any potential risk. Onboard new customers faster, without the worry of sanctions or watchlist checks.

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Get accurate risk insights with our ready-to-use threat indicators.

Name Matching Indicators

Accelerate your screening process with name matching indicators generated using the latest core algorithms

Transactional Indicators

Transform the way you manage risk with transactional Indicators generated by the evaluation of critical transactional attributes.

Intelligent Risk Indicator Engine 

Optimize your AML screening process and improve due diligence with the Intelligent Risk Indicator Engine, providing automatically selected and optimized indicators.

Explainable and Intuitive User Interface

Make informed and confident screening decisions with the clarity of Explainable AI (XAI)'s "glass box" model transparency and contextual relevance.

Inference Indicators

Faster time to value and decision making with NLP-powered Inference Indicators that turn text content from external data sets into actionable insights

Customer Profile Matching Indicators

Accelerate customer profiling with accurate matching indicators; identify key attributes and streamline the process with our cutting-edge technology


Elevate Your Fintech's Screening Process with State-of-the-Art Alert Detection

Revolutionize Name Screening with Intelligent Alert Detection (IAD)

Accurately screen your fintech's customers and counterparties in 22+ languages and 10 scripts with our cutting-edge detection technology.

Seamlessly expand your consumer-base across new territories without any worry of being caught off guard by sanctions lists or watchlists. Grow your business with confidence and stay ahead of the competition.

Extra Precision
Recall Levels
Reduction in False Positives

Enhance Payment Security & Speed

Get highly accurate screening results that eliminate the wait for legitimate payments with a sophisticated identity matching process that considers multiple critical customer details

Streamline Your Screening with Simulation 

Achieve faster time to value and improved risk management outcomes by using simulation mode to fine-tune your threshold recommendations

Accelerate Screening with Real-Time Architecture

Streamline your financial operations and enhance your risk management with our real-time screening solution, designed to accurately screen transactions, minimize held payments and improve straight-through-processing

Customize Your Screening with Ease

Simplify your screening process by creating and saving tailored configurations with transparent controls for better decision-making and fewer alerts.

Enhance your screening strategy for better outcomes

Empower your business with cutting-edge compliance solutions. Get Started with our products and demos.

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