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Anti-Financial Crime Solutions Providing 100% Coverage 

Take Control of Financial Crime with Tookitaki's Comprehensive Ecosystem of Technologies and Collective Intelligence

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Changing the Game in Financial Crime Prevention

Break Silos and Collaborate to Fight Financial Crime

Fighting financial crime needs to be a collective effort through centralised intelligence-gathering. For this reason, Tookitaki developed the AFC Ecosystem, which includes our network of experts and provides a platform for the experts to create a knowledgebase to share financial crime scenarios. 

This collective intelligence is the ability of a large group of AFC experts to pool their knowledge, data, and skills in order to tackle complex problems related to financial crime and pursue innovative ideas. 

The AFC Ecosystem leverages the power of many minds in order to solve problems related to financial crime that would be impossible to achieve with siloed operations. 

Our network of experts includes risk advisers, legal firms, AFC specialists, consultancies, and financial institutions from across the globe.

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The Tookitaki Advantage

Anti-Money Laundering Suite (AMLS)

Stay on top of your compliance requirements

In addition to our AFC ecosystem, which is a first-of-its-kind community-driven initiative, we have Tookitaki’s Anti-Money Laundering Suite or AMLS for our customers.

The AMLS is an operating system comprising of four modules under one roof to address our customers’ compliance requirements.

It provides holistic risk coverage, sharper detection, and significantly fewer false alerts. The AMLS can be deployed in multiple environments including the public cloud, private cloud, and data centre.

Designed on three C-principles – comprehensive, convenient, and compliant our AML solution empowers financial institutions to strengthen their risk coverage and mitigate risks in the ever-evolving world of regulatory compliance.

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Tailor-made to suit the risk and regulatory needs of your organisation and region


Future-ready end-to-end services to help you transform your AML and compliance technology requirements


Highly scalable and adaptable to internal and regulatory changes, ensuring business continuity without bottlenecks

Our Solutions

Comprising of Transaction Monitoring, Customer Risk Scoring, Smart Screening and Case Management solutions AMLS leverages technology to help you meet rapidly evolving compliance requirements.


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