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Onboard Customers, Not Risk!

Quickly expand your customer base while staying on top of your transaction fraud and AML risk with a suite of solutions that provide complete risk coverage.

All Your Compliance Needs Under One Roof

Stay on Top of Your Customer Risk

De-risk your business with a 360-degree dynamic risk view of your customers. Our integrated end-to-end FinCense platform gives fast-growing e-wallets complete control of their transaction fraud and AML risks.

Fast Hassle-Free Implementation

Access relevant typologies validated by a global network of fraud and AML SMEs to quickly comply with local regulations, freeing you to focus on your core business.

Get the Power of Tookitaki’s FinCense


  • Protect against fraud and AML (FRAML)  risk in real-time.
  • Multi-fold risk coverage with the latest typologies aligned to your business needs.
  • Fully automated simulation mode for threshold tuning and changing of typologies without relying on IT.
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Smart Screening

  • Screen new applicants, customers or their transactions with 90% accuracy.
  • Accurately screen 7 customer attributes across 12 name-matching techniques against any watchlists.
  • Screen against sanctions and watchlist or internal lists across 22 languages and 10 scripts.

Onboarding Suite

  • Safely onboard customers with real-time screening and risk-scoring.
  • Powerful AI-based screening engine with fuzzy matching capabilities.
  • Accurate risk profile based on 160+ pre-configured rules.
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Customer Risk Scoring-1

Customer Risk Scoring

  • 360-degree customer risk profile based on demographic and behavioural data.
  • Event-driven triggers for most current risk scores in sync with customer activity.
  • Simplify Customer Due Diligence and Ongoing Due Diligence with zero-touch solution.

Case Manager

  • Simple, easy-to-use, flexible solution built for lean compliance teams.
  • Seamless reporting with automated STR and CTR reports as per local regulations.
  • Built-in workflow and task management automation to reduce manual effort by 30%
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The Preferred Solution for e-Wallets

to stay ahead in the fight against financial crime

Client Testimonial

Tookitaki helped us to simplify our compliance operations by providing us with a single platform that effectively manages all AML processes.

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