About Tookitaki

Founding Vision


Tookitaki, founded in early 2015, is a pioneering company that has transformed the landscape of financial crime detection and prevention for banks and fintech companies. Tookitaki is known as the world's best anti-financial crime platform for fintech firms. With unparalleled risk coverage powered by seamless integration with the expansive AFC Ecosystem - the hub of global financial crime expertise sharing innovative crime patterns. Its platform anticipates, not just detects, powered by a community-driven knowledge core. Scaling effortlessly with its clients, Tookitaki FinCense's modern data engineering stack assures real-time responsiveness and superior technical performance, emerging not merely as a solution, but as a strategic partner in fostering a safer financial landscape.  


Our Values 


We are customer obsessed.

We have a must-win approach when it comes to customer experience, engagement, thought process, collaboration, and responsiveness. We are our customers’ trusted partner and strive to earn their trust by solving their business challenges and maximising return on investment. 

We persevere.

Grit is our motto. We don’t seek the easy path and resilience keeps us going. We see it to the end in our journey to be innovators and problem-solvers par excellence.

We are a diverse, inclusive workforce.

Diversity and inclusion are not just words to us, but these are the two pillars of our people foundation. We operate like a close-knit family and treat each other with care and respect to achieve greater values for the organization. 


We innovate.

 We have faith in the power of technology to drive the greater good. We are driven by speed and agility and believe that continuous and meaningful innovation will have a positive impact on talent, organisation, and society. Change and evolution keep us going and we strive to be better every day.


Market Impact

Tookitaki’s technology is not limited to detection; it anticipates financial crime. It has processed over 5 billion transactions, overseen 400 million accounts, and resolved 2 million alerts. The company’s success lies in its community-driven knowledge core, allowing for real-time responsiveness and superior technical performance.

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Transforming Vision into Reality

Tookitaki means hide and seek in Bengali. The name perfectly articulates our intention to uncover the hide-and-seek nature of financial crime with artificial intelligence.

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Meet Our Founders

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Abhishek Chatterjee
Founder & CEO

Abhishek Chatterjee, Founder & CEO of Tookitaki, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey following a successful five-year career at JPMorgan. Abhishek's experience and expertise include holding multiple patents in machine learning techniques, making him a notable figure in the fight against money laundering. He is also deeply committed to supporting the entrepreneurial community in Singapore and mentors emerging talents through initiatives like the Pays It Forward Mentorship Program for Startups. 

Abhishek's leadership has earned him several accolades, including the SFA Fintech Awards and a spot among the top 25 RegTech executives globally. His vision for Tookitaki resonates with a broader goal of transforming financial security on a global scale.

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Jeeta Bandopadhyay
Co-Founder & COO
A self-taught technology expert, Jeeta has steered Tookitaki’s expansion to a company that employs more than 100 and has a global footprint. TechNode Global named Jeeta among Southeast Asia’s top 50 rising women in tech, recognising her thought leadership in the RegTech space.
A strong advocate of diversity and inclusion in the tech sector, she won the Entrepreneur of the Year title as part of the Women in IT Awards 2020 and was included in the Singapore Computer Society's SG 100 Women in Tech List in 2020.
Recently, the Fintech Association recognized Jeeta as one of the most prominent women leaders in the fintech sector.

Our Growth Story

From starting in 2015 Tookitaki’s trajectory has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our team, now over 120 strong, is spread across strategic locations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, embodying our global commitment and local expertise.

2015: A Foundation for Disruption

Strategic Vision: Embarked on a mission to reshape the financial compliance landscape.
Capital Infusion: Seed funding of over $1 million.

2016-2018: The Innovation Years

Product Innovation: Based on pioneering federated learning, advanced machine learning, and transparent AI frameworks.
Industry Recognition: Awarded the prestigious MAS Fintech Award.

2019 - 2020: Establishing Product Market Fit

Series A Milestone: Secured $19+ million in Series A funding.
Marquee Client Acquisition: Onboarded UOB, marking validation of Tookitaki's value proposition.
Global Acclaim: Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer.

2021 onwards: Scaling and Establishing Leadership

Strategic Investment: Attracts a $20+ million strategic investment from Thunes.
Market Expansion: Penetrates the MEA market.
Forbes Recognition: Listed in the Forbes 100 Asia List.

Awards and Recognition

A Bit More About Us

Our Locations

Tookitaki is present across the following worldwide locations and is focused on Asia, Africa & the Middle East markets.

Tookitaki Locations
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