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The AFC Ecosystem: Collaboration for a Safer Financial Future

The Anti-Financial Crime (AFC) Ecosystem is a separate platform developed by Tookitaki to aid in the fight against financial crime. It is designed to work alongside Tookitaki's Anti-Money Laundering Suite (AMLS) to provide a comprehensive solution for financial institutions.

One of the key features of the AFC ecosystem is the Typology Repository. This is a database of money laundering techniques and schemes that have been identified by financial institutions around the world. Financial institutions can contribute to the repository by sharing their own experiences and knowledge of money laundering.

This allows the community of financial institutions to work together to tackle financial crime by sharing information and best practices. The repository includes a wide range of typologies, from traditional methods such as shell companies and money mules, to more recent developments such as digital currency and social media-based schemes.

The AFC ecosystem also includes a 'no code' user interface, which allows financial institutions to easily create and share typologies. This means that even non-technical staff can contribute to the repository, making it a more collaborative and effective tool for the community.

The AFC Network

Uniting experts to tackle financial crime, the AFC Ecosystem is revolutionizing the way institutions prevent money laundering.

Be part of the collective fight against financial crime by contributing your knowledge and expertise to the AFC Ecosystem.

The future of financial crime prevention is here: Join the AFC Ecosystem and make a difference.

AFC Network

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AFC Experts

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Financial Institutions

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The Advantages of Shared Knowledge 

The AFC Ecosystem is a game-changer in the fight against financial crime. It harnesses the power of collaboration and community knowledge, breaking down silos to tackle illicit activities head-on.

Together, we're stronger - and that's the driving force behind the AFC Ecosystem. By working together, financial services can keep one step ahead of the criminals, and build a stronger, safer system for everyone.

By joining the AFC Ecosystem, you become part of a community of experts who are dedicated to stopping financial crime in its tracks. Share your insights, learn from others, and help create a better, safer financial system for everyone.

Tookitaki's technology is about making a difference, and the AFC Ecosystem is a perfect example of how we're using innovation to help fight financial crime.

Easily scalable

As our community continuously shares their knowledge and experience, the resources of the Ecosystem grow, offering scalable protection against financial crime.


The AFC Ecosystem gives you real-time access to the latest information and insights from financial crime experts, keeping you ahead in the fight against financial crime.

Be a Part of the Solution

Your expertise and knowledge can help improve the policy, procedures, and compliance framework.

Join us in the fight against financial crime.

Immediate Benefits
  • Connect with a community of experts who specialize in financial crime prevention, and expand your network by sharing and learning from their insights and experiences.
  • Make a meaningful contribution to critical issues inclusing anonymous and complex cross-border digital transactions that affects us all 
Mid-Term Benefits
  • Be at the forefront of shaping the regulatory landscape by providing input on the performance and accuracy of machine learning models.

Long-Term Benefits
  • Make a difference by applying your knowledge and expertise towards the refinement of policy, procedures, and compliance framework with the support of the global community.

AFC Thoughts

Together, we can make a difference!

Are you passionate about combating financial crime and improving policy and compliance? Then join the AFC Ecosystem community today!

Benefit from the collective intelligence and play an active role in shaping the future of the fight against financial crime.

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