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Streamline Suspicious Activity Investigation and Reporting

Centralized alert investigation

Centralized investigation approach for Transaction Monitoring, Screening and Customer Risk Scoring

Single-window investigation

Enhance investigation efficiency with a consolidated view of customer information across widgets

Flexible workflow

Ensure compliance through multi-level review and approvals with a user-friendly workflow

Suspicious transaction report (STR)

Reduce compliance burden with Auto-generated STR templates and extensive GoAML coverage across 33 countries

User administration

Secure user access and control with robust authorization, authentication and audit features
Improve operational efficiency with adaptable processes and transparent audit trails for investigations
Optimized alert lifecycle management through comprehensive workflows
Configurable multi-stage review process for enhanced compliance
Ensuring accountability with an extensive audit trail for every alert and its resolution.
Boost productivity with smart task distribution to investigators
Make informed decisions faster with all case-relevant information in one place, organized by customer

Maximize Efficiency by Prioritizing Key Areas

Effortless SAR/STR filing with customizable investigation templates

Meet compliance requirements with ease using customizable report templates
Create in-depth 360-degree investigation reports automatically upon conclusion of case inquiries.
Make SAR/STR filing a breeze with the all-inclusive investigation report. No more struggling to gather information from multiple sources.

Adopt a modern and efficient approach to compliance 

Unleash the power of Case Manager for efficient and effective investigations.

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