Skills Development: We Have Talents and We Strive to Multiply Them

4 mins

“Mastery lies on an infinite continuum, and as a result, we will never reach the end. We can, however, see to it that we are as far along that continuum as our circumstance allows.” ― Chris Matakas

Having continuous learning as one of its core values, Tookitaki understands the importance of constantly enhancing employee skills for the ultimate benefit of the company. Skills development is always relevant for a company like Tookitaki especially as it deals with those technologies where change is the only constant. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics are emerging technologies, and a provider of solutions based on these technologies should always offer the best in the industry to sustain in the ruthless world of competition. Skills development is essential for non-technical employees as well. Most of the employees have been hired here based on their previous relevant work experiences and academic qualifications. As a fast-growing startup, we cannot sit relaxed thinking our skill sets are at optimal levels. Employees may be asked to take up additional responsibilities as and when requirements arise. So, Tookitaki expects all of its team members to upgrade skills to the highest possible standards through required learning and training and significant industry involvement.

The following points, among others, will highlight the importance of skills development:

1. It ensures employability: Improved or new skills will add to the value of an employee in the organization, and eventually he/she would become an inevitable element
2. It gives ample room for personal growth: Many skills development programs offer essential benefits in the fields of networking, time management, communication and negotiation, which may not be directly contributing to the main responsibilities of an employee but help in the overall development of an individual.
3. It makes an organization future-proof: Enhancing an employee’s skill set would make an organization to address the effects of shocks and stresses of future effectively.

Tookitaki encourages each and every one of its employees to actively pursue methods to develop their skills and learn continuously. As concrete support, the company has allocated SGD 500 per fiscal year to each employee for the cause. The allocated amount can be spent on any activities intended to contribute to the professional upliftment of employees. Some of the desired spending targets include buying books relevant to the work area, enrolling for courses or certifications (with or without relevance to the work area), and taking memberships in professional communities. If an employee has a novel idea with regard to skill enhancement, he/she may consult his/her reporting manager and the human resources department. They will evaluate the idea and help bring in the best out of it. Keeping the pangs of their daily jobs apart, every Tookitaki employee is encouraged to make the most out the scheme that is envisioned to support their personal and career growth. As Ella Wheeler Wilcox says: “Difficulties are but dares of fate, obstacles but hurdles to try his skill, troubles but bitter tonics to give him strength and he rises higher and looms greater after each encounter with adversity.”