What is the AML Ecosystem?

One of a kind initiative, that is community-driven and powers financial crime prevention.  

Our AML ecosystem includes the AML network of people and the typology repository. The typology repository is a library of typologies along with a no-code tool that aids in creating new typologies.

The AML network is based on a deep democratization approach that allows everyone in the anti-money laundering field to collaborate and combine expertise to combat financial crime in a single network ecosystem.



The AML Network

Be the voice in defining the AML industry’s federated learning standards and protocols. Join the change and use your expertise and knowledge to help improve policy, procedures, and compliance framework by leveraging global insights.

Using our simple and interactive user interface, our network of experts can easily create and share their typologies without trading any customer information.

AML Network

Non-profit organisations

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AML Experts

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Financial Institutions

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The Typology Repository

Detect money laundering through collective intelligence and continuous learning.

New and sophisticated typologies can be added using configurations only and without assistance from software developers.

Easily scalable

The ongoing exchange of AML insights contributes to our growing library, making the risk coverage highly scalable via our Typology Repository solution.


Any-time access to updated information from regulators and criminal behaviour ensures we are ahead in the fight against financial crime. 

Join Our AML Network

Unite in the fight against financial crime 

Your voice matters

Immediate Benefits
  • Expand your network by connecting with other experts through shared insights on financial crime
  • Contribute  to a strong and secure global network, which can help identify illicit, anonymous, and complex cross-border digital transactions

Mid-Term Benefits
  • Accelerate the Regulator’s understanding and validation of machine learning models

Long-Term Benefits
  • Use your expertise and knowledge to help improve policy, procedures, and compliance framework by leveraging global insights

Time to reform your compliances

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