Introducing Tookitaki’s New Company Values: A Roadmap to Future Growth

25 mins

At Tookitaki, we are at a pivotal moment in our journey. As we stand on the threshold of exponential growth, we are thrilled to unveil our refreshed company values. These values are not a complete replacement of what we already hold dear; rather, they are a simplification and reinforcement designed to resonate deeply with every member of our team as we scale forward.

Our Journey So Far

  • 2015 to 2018: We laid the foundation with a technologically advanced platform, incorporating sophisticated machine learning capabilities, transparent AI frameworks, and a collective intelligence approach.
  • 2019 to 2023: This phase marked our rapid growth, with a 5x increase in revenue, driven by strategic partnerships and market penetration.
  • 2024 and Beyond: We are now on an ambitious path to grow 10x in revenue by 2028, establishing ourselves as the indomitable leader in emerging markets.

Why Update Our Values Now?

Reflecting Our Ambitions

As we set our sights on monumental growth, our values must reflect the elevated ambition and drive necessary to achieve significant milestones. The leap to a 10x revenue is not just a numerical goal; it represents a transformative journey that demands a mindset and cultural shift. Our new values are designed to mirror this broader vision.

Guiding Strategic Decisions

Our values serve as a compass, guiding every strategic decision. They ensure we stay focused on our long-term goals while navigating complex business landscapes, expanding into new markets, and innovating our product offerings. They will help us remain true to our mission of combating financial crime.

Strengthening Our Culture

A company's culture is its backbone. By updating our values, we reinforce a culture that promotes agility, continuous learning, and resilience. This is particularly essential as we scale, ensuring our team remains cohesive and motivated.

Our Refreshed Values

Innovate Continuously

"What if?" and "Why not?" are our mantras, pushing us towards solutions. We cultivate ideas where creativity meets execution without fear of failure.

Innovate continuously
  • Constantly exploring and implementing new ideas to solve significant problems.
  • Embracing a culture of curiosity that encourages asking "What if?" and "Why not?"
Innovate continuously
  • Innovating in a vacuum without aligning efforts with customer needs and market demands.
  • Fear of failing which hinders experimentation and the exploration of new ideas.

Innovate continuously
  • Foster an environment where proposing new ideas is encouraged and celebrated.
  • Hold regular brainstorming sessions that allow for free-flowing creativity without immediate judgment or dismissal.

Embrace the Customer

We're all about tuning into our customers' voices, making their needs and feedback the heartbeat of our operations. We weave our customer insights into every facet of our business—from sales to product development.

embrace the customer
  • Actively engaging with and listening to our customers to shape all our decisions.
  • Prioritising customer satisfaction and long-term relationships over short-term gains.
embrace the customer
  • Ignoring broader market trends and data analytics in favour of a few vocal customer opinions.
  • Disregarding the feedback that challenges our current assumptions or product direction.
embrace the customer
  • Integrate customer feedback loop into sales,  product, setup and support to ensure customer insights are promptly and effectively acted upon.


Persist and Overcome

Challenges? We see them as launchpads for innovation and growth.Openly tackle our hurdles, share learnings, and apply the Stockdale Paradox—face the brutal facts yet remain unwaveringly hopeful.

persist and overcome
  • Viewing every obstacle as an opportunity for learning, growth, and innovation.
  • Maintaining a resilient mindset that welcomes challenges as catalysts for improvement.
persist and overcome
  • Stubbornly sticking to a failing strategy out of fear of change or admission of mistakes.
  • Viewing every critique as negative instead of an opportunity to evolve.
persist and overcome
  • Encourage open discussions about failures and what can be learned from them.
  • Create a culture of transparency in accepting current challenges in every aspect of the business and then use that as a base to improve using the concept of stock-dale paradox.


Foster Diversity

Our strength lies in the rich tapestry of perspectives within our global team.

Foster diversity
  • Actively seeking and valuing diverse perspectives and backgrounds within our team.
  • Recognizing that diversity drives creativity, innovation, and better decision-making.
Foster diversity
  • Treating diversity and inclusion as mere HR targets or checkboxes.
  • Avoiding difficult conversations about bias, equity, and representation.
Foster diversity
  • Create forums and safe spaces for everyone to share their experiences and insights.

Own It Completely

Every decision, action, and outcome is personal. We all have a stake in our collective success.

own it completely
  • Acting and making decisions as if the outcomes directly affect you personally.
  • Taking full responsibility for both successes and failures.
own it completely
  • Overstepping your role or micromanaging others under the guise of ownership.
  • Shifting blame or avoiding accountability when things don't go as planned.
own it completely
  • Set clear expectations around roles and responsibilities to empower individual accountability.
  • Celebrate examples of ownership, especially when it leads to learning or improvement.


Achieve at LightSpeed

Speed is our superpower, Fast doesn't mean frantic. It's about smart prioritisation.

achieve at lightspeed
  • Operating with a sense of urgency and efficiency, understanding that speed is crucial in our industry.
  • Prioritising tasks and projects that offer the highest impact.
achieve at lightspeed
  • Rushing through tasks at the expense of quality or thoroughness.
  • Neglecting the well-being of our team in a bid to move faster.
achieve at lightspeed
  • Implement methodologies that emphasise efficiency and flexibility.


Organisation Before Self

Together, we're a force. Individual brilliance shines brightest when aligned with our collective mission.

Organisation before self
  • Aligning personal goals with the broader objectives of the team and company.
  • Understanding that collaboration and collective success drive personal achievements.
Organisation before self
  • Suppressing individual creativity or not acknowledging personal contributions.
  • Forgoing personal development in favour of group objectives.
Organisation before self
  • Cultivate a culture of appreciation where individual efforts that contribute to team goals are recognized.
  • Implement mentorship programs that support both personal growth and the attainment of shared objectives.


The Path Ahead

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we invite all team members to embrace these values wholeheartedly. They will be the main guidance for us to make decisions and assess our members going forward. Share your thoughts and reflections on these values, as your input is invaluable in shaping the future of Tookitaki.

Our journey from 2015 to today has been marked by innovation, growth, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The updated values with a focus on Collaboration, Ownership, and Bias for Action are designed to steer us towards achieving our ambitious goals. They reflect our big dreams, guide our daily decisions, and strengthen the awesome culture we’ve built together.