Increased Visibility with a Comprehensive Risk Profile

Create a dynamic, 360-degree risk profile of your customers informed by their profile information, their transactional activity, and any alert history they may have. 


Access risk profiles of all customers in a dashboard, to complete a detailed analysis
Comprehensive alerts with auto-generated explainability to enable effective alert investigations

Keep Worries at Bay with Accurate Customer Risk Scores Always 

We ensure financial institutions have highly accurate customer risk scores at all times. This stems from a high-quality risk-scoring solution and a well-timed re-scoring of existing customers all year round.


Accurate risk scoring via dynamic customer segmentation that adapts to the changing profile and transactional behaviour of customers
Detect complex relationships and suspicious interactions among different customers and interested parties
Configurable re-scoring frequency based on new customer onboarding, customer profile updates, rule changes, periodic review policy, and more.

Increased Operational Efficiency 

Our solution is designed for efficiency, saving you time and money over manual processes. It comes with self-learning algorithms that utilise historical data to augment the risk score and improve accuracy over time. This ensures consistent effectiveness with limited human intervention.

Accurate customer risk scores, resulting in high-quality alerts
Effective alert prioritisation through automated triaging of alerts
~45% reduction in false positives
Enables the compliance team to focus on material risk instead of a high volume of low-value alerts

Fully transparent and explainable risk assessment 

A completely explainable glass box model means we take the effort out of explaining each output to regulators and auditors.

Transparent and interpretable results for faster due diligence and investigations
Explainable AI (XAI) framework to provide multi-level insight into AI findings

Time to reform your compliances

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