International Women’s Day 2022: Talking to Female Leaders in Tech

4 mins

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re exploring how RegTech businesses can #BreakTheBias in an internal event hosted for all of our staff. We’re putting the spotlight on women in leadership, and who better to ask than the incredible women in our team, alongside guest speakers from our esteemed investor and client panel.

Panellists spoke about breaking glass ceilings in the AML and compliance space, recognising the women that work with us daily and impactful stories about achieving leadership success.

To kick things off, Principal at Jungle Ventures Alice Besomi spoke at the closed-door event about breaking glass ceilings in the AML compliance space.

“When it comes to women founders, what we see is they can build companies that are a bit more collaborative. We see a lot more transparency and a different approach to problem solving.” Alice Besomi, Principal at Jungle Ventures





Kiran Kaur the SVP of our people team spoke next about celebrating and recognising the women at Tookitak and the Tookitaki Woman of the Year Awards. Employees globally had been requested to nominate who they thought should win our woman of the year award based on our company values of customer focus, grit and innovation.

“Way back, women were in roles like HR, backend support and finance. Not anymore. We have seen a lot of changes in the demographics of people taking degrees in tech and deep tech as well.” – Kiran Kaur, SVP of People’s Office, Tookitaki





Next, our co-founder and COO Jeeta Bandopadhyay, lead the final segment of our online event alongside, leading risk and compliance professional, Grace Feng, and partner at Deloitte Singapore, Radish Singh. They shared their inspiring stories about achieving leadership success and how women in tech aren’t just a diversity tickbox anymore, a truly inspirational session from the female leaders in the Fintech community.


“There are two good candidates – a man and a woman. The woman is probably better qualified but there is a guy who is number 2. I will take him because he is not going to go on maternity leave. Those are the types of biases we want to remove.” – Radish Singh, Partner at Deloitte Singapore




“It comes to a stage to decide what is important at each stage of your life. If having a family is important, don’t worry too much about it. Trust me, if you have kids, the skill sets you learn dealing with your kids will definitely help with your career progression.” Grace Feng, Leading Risk and Compliance Professional





A huge thank you to the panel for sharing their experience and offering their advice to women who aspire to be in a role of power!