Tookitaki Makes Its Mark: Featured in Forbes Asia 100 to Watch List

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In a world where innovation is driving the transformation of industries, startups are emerging as pioneers of change. One such groundbreaking company is Tookitaki, a regulatory technology startup that has been catching the attention of industry leaders and experts alike. 

The latest feather in Tookitaki's cap? Securing a spot in the prestigious Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2023 list, a recognition of the startup's dedication to reshaping the landscape of financial crime prevention.

Tookitaki is on a mission to revolutionize the financial services sector with its AI-powered platforms. Focused primarily on banks and fintech companies, our technology is designed to identify and prevent money laundering, a pressing issue in the global financial ecosystem. By analyzing vast amounts of data, Tookitaki's platforms meticulously flag suspicious transactions, high-risk clients, and other telltale signs of potential financial crime.

Empowering Financial Security: The Tookitaki Advantage

At the heart of Tookitaki's journey lies its groundbreaking Anti-Money Laundering Suite (AMLS) and the Anti-Financial Crime (AFC) Ecosystem. These pillars exemplify Tookitaki's commitment to equipping financial institutions with cutting-edge tools for detecting and preventing financial crimes. The AMLS serves as an end-to-end operating system, reimagining the compliance processes for banks and fintech entities. 

By offering comprehensive risk coverage, unmatched detection accuracy, and a remarkable reduction in false alerts, AMLS is changing the game in the world of regulatory technology. With modules like Transaction Monitoring, Smart Screening, Dynamic Risk Scoring, and Case Manager, AMLS empowers institutions with sharper detection capabilities, more efficient customer due diligence, and centralised AML operations. 

A Holistic Approach to Financial Crime Detection

What truly sets Tookitaki apart is its AFC Ecosystem, a visionary community of experts working together to uncover hidden money trails that traditional methods overlook. Powered by federated machine learning, this ecosystem collaborates seamlessly with AMLS, ensuring financial institutions stay at the forefront of their AML programs.

Tookitaki's AFC Ecosystem stands as a testament to the power of collective intelligence. Anchored by the Typology Repository—a dynamic database of money laundering techniques—the AFC Ecosystem leverages the collective experiences of financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and risk consultants worldwide. This collaborative approach equips financial institutions with a 360-degree view of money laundering typologies, allowing them to detect emerging threats and adapt their AML programs proactively. 

The 'no code' user interface empowers both technical and non-technical staff to contribute, fostering a truly inclusive and effective community platform. Meanwhile, the seamless integration of AMLS with the AFC Ecosystem enhances transaction monitoring and customer risk profiling. By embracing this holistic approach, Tookitaki is reshaping how the financial industry combats financial crimes, reinforcing trust and compliance while fostering innovation in an ever-evolving landscape.

Our Commitment: Top-Grade Compliance for All

The recognition from Forbes Asia comes as a testament to Tookitaki's commitment to innovation and impact. This year's Forbes Asia 100 to Watch list shines a spotlight on small companies and startups that are disrupting markets, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and catering to underserved needs. Tookitaki's inclusion in this esteemed list showcases its dedication to harnessing AI for good and its pivotal role in reshaping the financial industry's approach to compliance and security.

Emerging from the dynamic and diverse landscape of the Asia-Pacific region, this year's Forbes Asia 100 to Watch list is a testament to the spirit of innovation that drives startups. From eco-friendly initiatives to revolutionary AI applications, these companies are making their mark across various sectors. Led by Singapore, which contributed 20 companies, and followed closely by Hong Kong and mainland China, the list celebrates the visionaries and disruptors shaping the future.

Tookitaki's journey is fueled by its commitment to revolutionize the financial services realm and its dedication to making a lasting impact. The recognition from Forbes Asia is a stepping stone in the startup's mission to enhance financial security, compliance, and innovation.

About the Forbes Asia 100 to Watch Methodology

The Forbes Asia 100 to Watch list is a celebration of emerging stars in the Asia-Pacific region. Companies are selected through a rigorous evaluation process that assesses their positive impact on their industries or regions, revenue growth, funding attractiveness, innovative business models, and compelling narratives. Headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region, privately owned startups with annual revenue of no more than $50 million and total funding of no more than $100 million are considered for this prestigious recognition. Forbes Asia's commitment to identifying and celebrating these promising companies reflects its dedication to showcasing the region's innovation and transformative potential.

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