HubSpot Video

June 26, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the digital transformation plans across financial institutions to provide customers with a frictionless experience. This calls for adjustments in the current AML/CFT program framework to account for new patterns of criminal behaviour and better address emerging money laundering risks. With the banking ecosystem redefined, many banks agree that artificial intelligence (AI) can help build an agile AML system resilient to market and regulatory changes, but for some, deploying AI is complicated, unknown, and more expensive than it might seem.

Listen to our distinguished industry experts as they debunk the myths surrounding AI implementation in AML programs and help:

  • Achieve scale and quicker time-to-value for AML compliance systems
  • Improve AML detection and risk coverage with generalized AI models
  • Move away from Blackbox AI to Glassbox AI
  • Adapt to changing market conditions with a self-learning framework

Time to reform your compliances

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