Our Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is passionate about achieving and beating sales targets. The candidate’s primary responsibilities will include building and nurturing
prospects, qualifying, and guiding prospects to a closure, and executing through a plan to achieve and beat their sales targets.

Key areas to look out:

  • Experience in prospecting and qualifying leads in the B2B enterprise space for fintechs and banks across online and offline channels.
  • Great listeners who know when to be quiet so that they can learn enough
    to make the appropriate recommendations.
  • Progressive qualifiers who can guide the right set of prospects to a
    successful outcome.

What you will be doing:

  • You will train yourself on the Tookitaki product and solutions so that you present yourself as an expert in our product and thereby better qualify and nurture prospects with appropriate insights.
  • Jointly create your overall sales plan with your manager and set tracking metrics in place to monitor the plan health to successfully achieve the sales target.
  • Build and progressively qualify your sales pipeline based on our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to support your yearly sales target.
  • You engage your prospects meaningfully in a respectful but persistent manner so that you can guide your prospects to closure.
  • You engage with internal team members – pre-sales, product managers, etc and provide your understanding of the market to sharpen our product collaterals and roadmap.

What you won’t be doing

  • Talk to prospects who do not belong to our Ideal customer profile (ICP) and then forward it to your sales support team to conduct product demos.
  • Talk to prospects and get their requirements for the deal, then forward it to your sales support team to conduct a product demo even though the requirement doesn’t not align with our current product or roadmap.


  • A proven record of consistently achieving and beating salestarget in a B2B enterprise sales environment for fintech and banks.
  • Savvy negotiation and objection handling skills – can anticipate sales issues and implement strategies early in the sales process to mitigate.
  • Proven experiences of entrepreneurial spirit with being comfortable in uncertain situations while leading to an outcome
    with positive learnings

Compensation & Job Perks

  • Opportunity to work for the fastest growing AML Compliance company serving the fastest and biggest economies
  • Total package of 50%/50% , 40% 60% split
  • Health & Dental Insurance covered
  • Up to 1-month annual leaves, along with medical leaves, marriage, child-care, maternity and paternity leaves
  • Flexi benefits available
  • Flexible working hours and remote working

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