We Tame Machines but We Unleash Human Spirits

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We are well aware of the fact that our progress as an organization is in the hands of our employees. The more energy, time and attention we invest in them, the more yield we receive. So, we always make sure that our people are among the happiest when it comes to work-life balance. Employees are spending a significant number of daily hours on the office premises, which are being converted into a second home for them. This is to ensure that our employees are happy, comfortable and stress-free. In addition, we are ensuring that our organization is providing the right atmosphere for continuous learning, collaboration, problem solving and innovation.

Our care and motivation for the employees are not confined to the four walls of the office. We believe that our people should be treated as a whole person and not just as an employee in order to make them more productive, fulfilled and satisfied. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers and then enhanced business opportunities. Our leave policy ensures that the employees are getting ample time to spend with their loved ones and to take good care of their mental and physical health.

Collaboration: More ‘We’ Than ‘I’

It is said that ideas grow better when they get transferred into other minds. Employees’ ability to perform together as a team is one of the biggest success factors for any business these days. At Tookitaki, we encourage people to work as a team, helping evolve means to complete tasks in a smarter and more efficient manner. Collaboration, where a group of people is sharing their ideas and skills to achieve a common goal, is important to bring out the creativity in the office, increase productivity and foster healthy employee relationships. Collaboration brings in brainstorming, adds more value and provides employees equal opportunities to communicate and take part in the growth of the organization.

Problem Solving: Enhanced Productivity and Increased Profit

As a fast-growing organization, Tookitaki believes that fostering the problem-solving skills of its employees would fill potential gaps in our business in a faster and effective manner. Especially as we face new and complex challenges in our day-to-day functioning, it essential from the part of employees to undertake the responsibility of solving issues related to both workflows and workplace. Increasing competition in our industry, ever-growing customer expectations and stricter delivery deadlines warrant less room for error in our operations. Therefore, we want our employees to tackle problems and develop proficient solutions to them on an on-going basis.

Continuous Learning and Innovation: The Key to Sustainability

It is said that an organization’s ultimate competitive advantage lies in its ability to learn and put that learning into action. Being a pro-active player in the ever-evolving RegTech sector, Tookitaki is well aware of the importance of continuous learning and the ability to innovate to stay relevant in business. We give importance to individual learning, group learning, organizational learning and inter-organizational learning. Via continuous learning, we can generate and act on new knowledge and that will enable us to stay well ahead of change and competition. Our relentless stress on learning would enable us to find out other potential growth areas for our intellectual property.

Bringing Together and Nurturing the Best

Tookitaki is proud of its uncompromising approach to onboard and nurture the best ones in the industry. We have already hired some of the best resources, who are graduated from the best universities around the globe and have the most relevant work experience with some of the industry heavyweights. We also make sure that our talents have enough challenges to prove and showcase themselves and the right atmosphere to bring out their best of the abilities. Any new recruit in the company is assured of training and guidance in the best possible way.

Flexibility at Work but No Compromise on Results

Believing in the work philosophy of freedom with responsibility, we don’t want to enforce strict working hours on our employees. At the same time, being a result-oriented organization, we ensure that the employees are on track with their deliverables and deadlines are never missed. We also have a work-from-home policy to help employees with flexibility during unavoidable situations.

Being the Place Which is More Than a Paycheck

As a growing organization, we believe the creation and continuous evolution of a strong company culture, which would effectively reduce formal corporate processes. We dream of a culture that would prompt everyone to do the right thing and allow everyone to thrive and grow. We also dream of a company culture, where our employees cherish their involvement as a team in a truly global organization without the barriers of culture, ethnicity, region or position.